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Level 1 | Language Arts is a Course

Level 1 | Language Arts


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Full course description

Teach your children with confidence!

You can confidently teach your child as we equip you with weekly overviews, word-for-word instruction scripts and rubrics to ensure your child is grasping concepts. Your Instructor's Guide includes the following resources for teaching Language Arts 1:

  • A 36-Week, 4-Day schedule designed to save one day a week for co-ops, music lessons, sports, field trips or other extra-curricular activities
  • Weekly Overviews
  • Student Activity Sheets
  • Separate parent instructions, answers & definitions
  • Rubrics to help you evaluate more subjective activities
  • Instructor's Guide Resources and New User Information
  • And much more!

Your children will love learning language arts naturally...

With BookShark's Language Arts program, your students will enjoy learning with the "natural method." They will learn good writing from good models, just the way many great writers (such as Benjamin Franklin) taught themselves. Daily experience and practice are the keys to this well-paced schedule of connected writing activities. As your students progress through Levels A-F they advance from basic writing to analysis, while reinforcing what they learn from the books you read together.

Option to purchase the Level 1 Readers:

If you are unsure which reading level is right for your child please check out our Quick Reading Assessment.

Since our Readers are integrated with our Language Arts program, we recommend that you choose the same level of Language Arts as Readers. Please note that many young students read at a higher level than their written Language Arts ability. We recommend choosing the lower level of the two until their abilities catch up. You may also look through the Scope & Sequence and the 3-Week Samples for our Language Arts Instructor's Guides before you make a final decision on which level to choose. Feel free to use the assignments in the 3-week samples as a way to evaluate which Language Arts level matches your student's skills.