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Level C | Science


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Full course description

.This engaging, new Science course combines BookShark’s signature, literature-based approach with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Through captivating literature and experiments, our highly academic program utilizes NGSS crosscutting concepts to unify the study of science and engineering through common application.

Science C students will learn about the interdependent relationships of plants and animals in ecosystems, explore what the world is made of, and examine the water cycle.

The literature includes a highly engaging, fully illustrated resource book on animals and their habitats, vivid picture books on plants, earth, and what the earth is made of, and an exciting story from the beloved Magic School Bus series. Students will also read an inspiring biography about Marie Curie, then venture into chemistry while reading the interactive, Lift-the-Flap Periodic Table book.

Experiments range from: forming a cave with water, constructing a building to survive an earthquake, discovering first-hand why animals pick up things up with their mouths instead of their paws, and much more!