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Level A | Science is a Course

Level A | Science


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Full course description

This engaging, new Science course combines BookShark’s signature, literature-based approach with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Through captivating literature and experiments, our highly academic program utilizes NGSS crosscutting concepts to unify the study of science and engineering through common application.

Science A students will learn about wildlife and ecosystems; weather patterns and the purpose of weather forecasting; and simple machines and physics. The experiments will develop critical thinking skills by students go through the scientific process of Prediction, Investigation, and Conclusion. Science A experiments include building an ant tunnel, making chocolate from cocoa, designing a boat, and more!

The literature includes eleven engaging, easy to read or follow books, with vivid, full-color illustrations about life, weather, and an introduction into engineering.

Students will be mesmerized with fabulous photos and simple text in the life science picture books: ReptilesRainforestBees, and Plants then fly through the clouds in the exciting earth science story, The Magical School Bus: Inside a Hurricane where your student will experience a thrilling ride through a hurricane! Meteorology concepts are revisited with, Weather, a thorough but easy to follow book about what causes storms.

The physical science title Forces Make Things Move will kickstart your student’s interest in STEM. Your student will learn about gravity and friction by using examples like throwing a ball, running up the stairs, or falling off the couch.

Crosscutting books that correlate the science disciplines of life, physical, and earth science include, Why Do Elephants Need the Sun?, an easy to read and absorb book about what we need to survive, and Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa, the story of the Nobel Peace Prize winning environmentalist, Wangari Maathai, who starts a movement by resowing the trees that were cut down in her home country of Kenya. DKfinout!Science is an additional STEM title that applies the concepts that are learned in different science disciplines.

BookShark Science A includes the collection of science literature; a vibrant, colorful experiment book; and a complete experiment supply kit.