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NEW FOR 2021! Level A | Reading with History is a Course

NEW FOR 2021! Level A | Reading with History


Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Young adventurers: Boldly explore the world!

  • Inspire a love of learning, gain a sense of history and explore far-off places
  • Guide your children confidently each day with the included Instructor's Guide: you get a 36-Week, 4-Day schedule with lesson plans, teaching tips and materials for the entire year
  • As an added benefit, you will receive free online access for 1 year to the electronic version of this guide
  • Visit ancient Egypt and travel through jungles, America, Imperial China ... and more!
  • Devour fun historical fiction, stirring true stories and many children's classics
  • Purchase this package and you'll get free shipping (lower 48)

As you explore, find answers to questions like Why do people in the Amazon and Alaska like different kinds of homes? What did the inside of a medieval castle look like? What did ancient Egyptians eat? How did people travel in ancient China? What does a jungle look like?


History & Geography │ Intro to the World: Cultures

Enjoy a very broad overview of world history and explore the way people ate, dressed and lived throughout the centuries. On this exciting tour of world cultures, history and geography, you and your children will ...

  • Discover what it was like to live in a castle.
  • Marvel at what children used to wear for sleep and play.
  • Take a spin in the first car, plane & rocket ship.
  • Visit tall mountains and lush jungles.

With your Instructor's Guide showing you what to do each day, two volumes serve as key books: The Usborne Children's Encyclopedia and Living Long Ago. They both feature simple text and scores of pictures that your children will love to look at. Get brief, picture-filled overviews of key civilizations of the world such as Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Vikings, Incans, the Ming Dynasty in China, Colonial America and Victorian England. Take extra time to look at music, art, homes, clothing and climate around the world. Your children will love to sit and pore over these books.

Our Level A program helps develop key skills. From our developmentally-oriented hands-on activities, to the "Create-a-Calendar" that introduces the flow of weeks and months, you'll help make sure your kids are on track with what they need to know. Even the simple poetry helps train your children's ears to hear cadence, phonics and rhymes.

Your children won't be little forever, so this program was created to help you enjoy this special time together. From hands-on activities to stories they'll remember their entire lives, get ready to connect with your child as they discover the world.