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Level H | Reading with History


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Full course description

Explore the ever-changing world of the past 500 years

  • Finish the breathtaking journey through World History you started in Level G.
  • Enjoy your children as they grow: you get the lesson plans, tools and materials to guide them each day.
  • Watch Colonialism and Asian dynasties rise and fall. Wrestle with the reality of two world wars.
  • Learn from the past and see how each generation's choices impact the world.
  • Fuel a love to learn with gripping historical fiction, fascinating biographies and great literature.

A back-stage pass to history

Meet the people whose ideas and actions forged the course of history, from reformers to rocket scientists. Gain a working knowledge of what happened from the 17th century to about 1990.

How did the Renaissance influence the American and French Revolutions? How did the Industrial Revolution drastically change society? How did the Western and Eastern hemispheres become so interconnected? How did Colonial powers conquer so much of the world and carve out new nations? How did those nations eventually throw off Colonial rule? What tensions led to the explosion of two world wars? What did normal life look like around the world during these changes?


Reading with History H - Includes:

Instructor's Guide

You'll find everything you need with this 36-week, 4-Day -- schedule, notes, discussion questions, teaching tips, laminated color maps and more -- consolidated in one place for each week. Just open and teach!

With all your lesson plans and organization done for you, you can spend your time enjoying your children and learning with them. Let the discussion questions and great books lead to meaningful conversations about family, politics, history and character. Open your guide each day to see what to read and discuss.

History & Geography │ World History - Year 2 of 2

Your History books, Read-Alouds, Readers and Language Arts all intertwine for a cohesive, reinforced learning experience.

Two authors provide the foundation for your adventure: The final two volumes of The Story of the World take you on a gripping story-based trek through history. The critically acclaimed Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, organized into 10 historical eras, is your one-stop research source and perfect companion to your study of World History. Timeline Figures are included to help your child map the flow of History.They come on pre-gummed heavy card stock. Just cut them out, color and stick them in The Timeline Book (The Timeline Book is included with the Required Resources. This book can be used for several years).


Enjoy this final set of Read-Alouds with your children. 


Give your children heroes who inspire them to become people of courage, strength and honor. Readers augment your history studies, showing what life was really like for people from Russia to Peru, Puritan America to Imperial Japan.

Required Resources

A few essential resources make your learning extra rich this year. You'll use The Timeline Book and the Markable Map throughout your BookShark journey.