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Level DE | Reading with History

Started Apr 12, 2021

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History & Geography Intro to American History, One Year Condensed

Start the epic adventure with Intro to American History, One Year Condensed and experience America's history from the Pilgrims through the late 20th Century. The Landmark History of the American People, Volume 1 and 2 serves as your central History books. Learn about the social forces and cultural influences that have made Americans the unique people they are. Learn how necessity drove early settlers to innovate and to leave behind certain European conventions.Get to know heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and the Wright brothers.

Find out how Americans' unique perspective--our egalitarianism, our desire for change, and our "can-do" spirit--contributed to inventions such as ready-to-wear clothing, department stores and skyscrapers. Discover why time zones and "fast food" came into existence. Examine how mass immigration, women's suffrage, the labor movement and the Great Depression impacted the social, political, and economic climate of the country. Discuss how racism has influenced life for individuals and the entire nation throughout the years.


Enjoy Read-Aloud classics like Witch of Blackbird Pond and Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.


Give your children a deeper understanding of history (and love of reading) through the thoroughly gripping Readers they read on their own. Your kids will meet inspiring characters such as Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Thomas Edison.