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NEW FOR 2021! Level I | Language Arts is a Course

NEW FOR 2021! Level I | Language Arts



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Literature & Language Arts

With our American Historical Literature & Language Arts course your student will read great classics like To Kill a MockingbirdThe Call of the Wild, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. These literary treasures will help your student's writing abilities, vocabulary, cultural literacy, and love of learning. They'll also stimulate thinking as your student encounters interesting ideas, characters, and situations.

The Language Arts portion corresponds closely with the literature, offering a complete writing program that develops critical thinking skills, literary analysis, and creative writing. We provide instruction on how to compose various writing assignments, namely: narrative, argumentative, expository, persuasive and descriptive.  We also require a 4 week research project and various reporting assignments (similar to a periodical).  Each writing assignment concludes with a series of evaluation questions for the parent to analyze the quality of the student’s finished work.

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